Thursday, December 18, 2008

Final Projected Roster Reavealed

Name School Ht/Wt
Haskins, Mark Jesuit 5ft6/160
Hubbard, Tyrone Jesuit 6ft1/300
Nault, Travis Bishop Lynch 6ft/240
Wallace, Mike John Paul II 5ft10/140
Wallace, Phil John Paul II 6ft/150
Cua, Aaron Jesuit 5ft8/130
Olsen, Stephen Jesuit 6ft4/210
Herman, Eric Jesuit 5ft10/175
Frye-Patch, Doron Jesuit 6ft/180

Tropics Go Big With New Signing

This week owner Mark Haskins had convinced Tyrone Hubbard to hop onboard the Tropic's chu chu train to kind of sucess but not really.
Hubbard is a huge addition to the king in everysince of the word. He has the ability to throw down a j at any given moment. Also, he is six feet of man weighing in at about 300 LBS's.

U.S. 75 Mingles With NBA Free Agency?

Chris Bosh from the Toronto Raptors may also be playing during his downtime. Bosh, a native of Dallas and Lincoln Highschool, was spotted with co-owner and forward Mark Haskins at Northpark Mall.
A possible signing with the 75 tropics was discussed. His 75 millioin,10 year contract, will be taken into consideration, but there is no salary cap in the PSA league.
A Bosh to U.S. 75 and Phillip and Micheal Wallace to Toronto trade will also be discused with the majority holders of Maple Leafe Sports and Entertainment, the company that owns the Raptors.

Tropics Are Seeing Black

Last weekend owner Mark Haskins and GM Travis Nault opened discusions with African American player Doron Frye-Patch.
Discusions soon ended after the owner and the GM discused the outlook of the team and they're over all goals.
Frye-Patch is expected to start this season. But, training camp and team practice(s0 is a while off.

Things are Looking Up as the Tropics Look To The East For New Player

Making his first possible appearence as a Tropic is Eric Herman. Herman, a six foot guard from Jesuit High School and who has already been contacted by numerous colleges including LSU, Texas, Connecticut, and Duke, will be of a great service given his past history in division 1 ball.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Over this week the The U.S. 75 Tropics aquired the services of former DPL All Star, Stephen Olsen. Stephen also led the St. Mark 2008 men basketball team to Div. 2 championship.

This is expected to add a much need uft to the Tropic's lineup this year.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Chuckleheads Are Now US 75 Tropics

This year, the team formerly known as the Chuckleheads, in an attempt to be more legit, will call themselves the U.S. 75 Tropics. Attendence is expected to rise this year. Maybe more than the parents will show up.